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About Us

JMJ PreNatal Care was created with the vision of helping women make their dreams a reality. Our program brings high-quality prenatal care along with training, education, and social support when and where it's most needed.

We understand that pregnancy can be an emotional time for families. Our goal is to help you through the entire process. We love being able to greet each client with a smile and offer them a warm hand across the countertop or a hug when needed.


Focus + Intentionality = Success

JMJ Prenatal Care

JMJ Prenatal Care is a prenatal care company created to empower the minds and vision of those we serve. Dr. Melissa J. Bonds, the CEO, is a pillar in the educational community and believes in the value of intentionally empowering, educating, creating, and providing resources to assist others in "Making their Dreams a Reality!"

Melissa J. Bonds, PhD

Melissa Bonds, Ph.D. is a progressive thinker that serves the Milwaukee community as a consummate professional and champion of organizations that are committed to innovation, change, and providing solutions.

Dr. Bonds serves as the CEO and founder of JMJ Consulting, JMJ Transportation Services, and JMJ Prenatal Care. She has an extensive background in planning and managing cross-functional educational operations and multi-function projects. Melissa has a successful 25+ year career in the field of education and is a respected and well-known name amongst educators in the schools in Milwaukee. She serves as a consultant and adviser for schools and organizations in Milwaukee and across the country.

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